1 on 1 Care

We can help with your individual needs

Assistance with Daily life

We provide these supports to individuals in a range of environments including your own home or out in the community.

Support services available from us include:
Help with self-care – such as showering and dressing.

Help with household tasks including cleaning, cooking and shopping.

Help in shared living arrangements or Supported Independent Living.

Extra in-home support.

Wheelchair and Hoist Assistance

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Community Participation

Its purpose is to help people to take part in social or recreational activities within their community.
We can provide these supports in our Rec Centre or in open communities.
The supports can help you to take part individually or in a group depending on what your needs and goals are.

Support services available from HouseTide include:.
Recreational and leisure activities.

Social groups for all ages.

Personal interest activities like art,

woodwork, beauty, cooking and volunteering.

Supported holidays.

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